Frequently Asked Questions

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1 What is Bihar Police Helpline? Bihar Police Helpline is established by Bihar Police as a helpline for the citizens of Bihar regarding the help for redressal of different Complaints and as well as getting the information related to Bihar Police.
2 How the complaints can be registered into the Bihar Police Helpline? Citizens can register the grievances through either by Telephone by calling on 1860 3456 999, or through Bihar Police Mobile/Web application or by mentioning the Twitter Handle of helpline_bp.
3 How the complaint will be redressed if I register a complaint? Once you will register a complaint, then you will get a Token number for the complaint. After the registration of the Complaint it will be automatically sent to the action taking authority through appropriate modes directly for taking immediate actions.
4 What if my complaint is not attended? If your complaint is not attended or redressed within the stipulated time by the action taking authority, it will be escalated to the next level for redressing the complaint within stipulated time.
5 What if my complaint is solved but is reported as solved by authorities? If your complaint is wrongly reported by the action taking authorities, then you can call at the Bihar police helpline and get it re opened by quoting the Token Number. Once the complaint is reopened it will be sent to the higher officials for resolving purpose.
6 How my complaints will be redressed through twitter? If you post any complaint on Twitter with Bihar Police Helpline Handler, Please quote your mobile number and contact details along with the complaint details, so that it can be registered into the Bihar Police Helpline Application. After the registration you will get the message with the Token number for the Complaint which is registered.